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Please read the following IMPORTANT info:

  • Please make sure you have ample space for everyone to sit and paint, we do not provide the tables. although we can provide the table clothes if you like. The party starts at the latest 20 minutes after the start time indicated, Anyone arriving any later than 20 minutes after the start time will have to start on their own.

  • It is up to the host to decide if kids are allowed. We do have kid friendly sign options available. 

  • Our projects are made of wood. Grains  and the  texture of the wood is different each piece of wood. There will be knots, chips, cracks and other natural blemishes that will give your piece character.  If your project is being displayed outside we recommend that you protect it using a sealer or polyurethane of your choice

  • There is a deposit of $20 for each party. This is refundable if everyone shows up and the party is not cancelled. We urge people to make sure they have enough people who want to go before booking.

  • The host is in charge of making sure the people going pick and pay for their designs. We let you know if people didn't rsvp or didn't pay.

  • The host is in charge of making sure they have 8 people (including yourself) for the party. Payment is due at the latest 10 days before the party. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! We take the time to custom make the designs and cut the wood. Please private message us on Facebook or email us ( to cancel or if you have an questions. 

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